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Tax Consulting

We do know that understanding and identifying client’s needs and problems are  the key factors of building trust and cooperation.

We offer complex tax advisory services for the companies and individuals including all of the aspects of running a business, tax optimization advisory, identifying tax problems and tax risk management.

Among others, LEGAL & TAX renders services regarding:

Advisory, opinions and complex explanation of tax law and customs code including international tax law

Conducting of mergers, divisions, takeovers and conversions of the companies

Tax audits and the planning of tax optimization strategies

Contracts’ examination regarding a successful tax management

Transfer pricing documentation, writing application forms regarding disputable legal rules and making formal complaints and appeals

Tax risk management

Filing tax return forms on one’s worldwide income and revenues from the criteria of cryptalties ( Bitcoin etc. ). 

We give advice regarding:

Personal Income Tax (PIT),

Corporate Income Tax (CIT),

Value Added Tax (VAT),

Real Estate Tax, Farm Tax and Forestry Tax,

Inheritance Tax,

Excise Duty,

Tax on Civil Law transactions,

Other taxes and fees.

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